The Scottish Council of Taekwondo was formed with the aim of promoting and developing the Sport of Taekwondo throughout Scotland.  We will achieve this through the Board and Members working together; harnessing resources to support clubs and students; identifying gaps in provision and delivery then supporting groups to meet these gaps; and promoting access to the sport of Taekwondo for all.

Since February 2015, a group of representatives from all of the various codes/styles/federations in Scotland have been discussing how they might form a group that meets the demands of the funders and supporters without anyone coming into conflict with their individual Governing Bodies. The idea of this Council is not to control Taekwondo and its practice in any way. That is for Governing Bodies and Federations.

In order to benefit from the support that will undoubtedly come the way of Taekwondo in Scotland: from promoting participation, developing instructors and officials, supporting competitions and tournaments and finally backing performance athletes, we want all players, clubs and groups to be involved and, most importantly, share ideas and comments with the Council.

Please contact us if you would like to know more or, if you are already a part of SCoT and have any questions.

Our Mission

The primary objective of the Scottish Council of Taekwondo (SCoT), is to enable a previously fragmented collection of Taekwondo groups to join together and present a united organisation to promote the sport of Taekwondo in Scotland. ‘Taekwondo Together

In the period prior to formal adoption of Articles and voting in a Board of Directors, a working group, 15 strong at times, from all styles and codes, volunteered their time and effort to debate and agree the key characteristics of SCoT, the company.

Key among these features was the commitment that no individuals or group affiliated to SCoT would be expected to compromise their status with their specific Governing Body. SCoT is seeking to support the development of Taekwondo clubs and players across Scotland. Providing Governance not Governing.

SCoT is ambitious for the development of Taekwondo in Scotland and wishes to be a truly representative organisation. Take a look around our website for more background as well as information on how we plan to develop over the coming years.

SCoT Governance

SCoT achieved recognition as a Governing Body in January 2018. As such we are obliged to meet a number of standards. These are detailed in the Sports’ Recognition Policy.

The Scottish Council of Taekwondo Ltd (trading as SCoT) is a company Limited by Guarantee. It has a Board of Directors who run the organisation. The Board was voted in by members at the inaugural General Meeting on 10th January 2016.

Our Articles were update in January 2019 when the members voted to make the Board and influence on decisions more accessible.  Membership Fees were also introduced at this time.

Our Team

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