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Today, 11th of April 2016 is the 62nd anniversary of the introduction of the sport of Taekwondo in the UK! It is therefore fitting that we focus on today 16.04.2016 for the launch of the Scottish Council of Taekwondo which has been formed with the aim of promoting the Sport of Taekwondo in Scotland. This is to be achieved by working together to reach out to players, instructors, coaches and officials alike. To add value to their playing experiences and at the same time communicate more widely what worthwhile and fulfilling sport Taekwondo is.

The idea of a joint Council has been around for a while.  Since February 2015, a group of representatives from all of the various codes/styles/federations in Scotland have been discussing how they might form a group that meets the demands of potential stakeholders without anyone coming into conflict with their individual Governing Bodies. The idea of this Council is not to control Taekwondo and its practice in any way.  That is for Governing Bodies and Federations.

In order to benefit from the support that will undoubtedly come the way of Taekwondo in Scotland: from promoting participation, developing instructors and officials, supporting competitions and tournaments and finally backing performance athletes, we want all players, clubs and groups to be involved and, most importantly, share ideas and comments with the Council.

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