17th May SCoT Protection Level Guidance

Scottish Government has updated the strategic framework document for managing COVID-19 which becomes effective from 17th May 2021. This provides an updated 0-4 Level approach to restrictions with each local authority area (or sub-area) placed in a relevant protection Level depending upon its COVID-19 status which will be reviewed weekly.
From 17th May 2021, contact outdoor group activity for adults for group sizes up to 50 including coaches/instructors is permitted. Adult indoors non-contact group taekwondo is permitted however maximum numbers are dependent upon the venue and being able to implement all relevant protocols. The total participants throughout the day must not exceed 500. There are a small number of areas in Level 1, allowing group activity for 100 participants and 1000 participants throughout the day.

We have also created competition guidance, allowing taekwondo competitions to take place for those under the age of 18 in local authorities in Protection Level 2. Full guidance can be found here.


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