March 30, 2021
13:30 - 14:30
The components of ‘what is good governance’ may put people to sleep but is essential to understand. What I can promise is an engaging conversation which is interactive and gets you thinking differently about your club’s governance and how well it is run.
The workshop will be centred around ‘5 Principles of Sport Club Governance’. At the forefront of the principles will be governance opportunity. For example, what good can come from changing your legal entity? And how have other clubs done it? There will be opportunities to share practice, concerns, and questions in this workshop which we hope will last 45 mins to an hour.
Given the current online platform climate we all live and breathe just now, I will compact as much information into this time slot as possible. My expectations are, that if you can take one piece of useful information (or what I call a golden nugget of information) which stimulates good conversation at committee level, then I have done my job and I think that would have been a good use of your time.
I have recently delivered this workshop to South Ayrshire Council’s sport clubs and basketballscotland.

This workshop is free to attend. All we ask is that your club gets a Club Connect membership which comes in at as little as £30.
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