March 16, 2021
13:30 - 14:30

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on a lot of businesses across the world. Sport clubs are no different. Is your club concerned about its finances and at the same time worried about the finances of your members and their ability to afford your club’s activities? That is understandable given we are officially in a recession.

In this workshop we will look at innovative and effective membership payment initiatives around sport which we will share with you. We will also look at effective forecasting and decisions your club may be facing because of COVID. Alongside this we will advise on some pricing models, income methods and investment opportunities which your club may wish to adopt.

Given the current online platform climate we all live and breathe just now, I will compact as much information into this time slot as possible. My expectations are, that if you can take one piece of useful information (or what I call a golden nugget of information) which stimulates good conversation at committee level, then I have done my job and I think that would have been a good use of your time.

Adam, Strategic Consultant at SCoT has recently delivered this workshop to Triathlon Scotland, Scottish Archery, Scottish Fencing, Scottish Club Sport, South Ayrshire Council’s sport clubs and basketballscotland.

This workshop is free to attend. All we ask is that you club has taken out a Club Connect membership, which comes in at as little as £30.

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