March 23, 2021
13:30 - 14:30

Society in Scotland wont quite be the same in Scotland and you could say that sport will not be the same either on the back of the Coronavirus pandemic. There will at least be a significant recovery period. You could make the argument that over the last few years, there has been a changing landscape in Scottish sport anyway. What has been at the forefront is social impact through the tool of sport. This piece is going to be more prevalent than ever before with sport being highlighted a key recovery method for the country by the Scottish parliament.

A prevalent theme in the new Scottish sporting strategy is ‘changing lives through sport’. What does this look like and does your club do this already? We will look at this in the workshop. There is an argument that if your club wants to be successful in the future, you may need to adapt to this approach.

We will look at how you can tell your club’s story to show your club’s impact in this social space. Not only do funders require this, but corporate sponsors too given the corporate social responsibility they want to demonstrate more than ever.

Given the current online platform climate we all live and breathe just now, I will compact as much information into this time slot as possible. My expectations are, that if you can take one piece of useful information (or what I call a golden nugget of information) which stimulates good conversation at committee level, then I have done my job and I think that would have been a good use of your time.

I have recently delivered this workshop to Scottish Club Sport, South Ayrshire Council’s sport clubs and basketballscotland.

This workshop is free to attend. All we ask is that you club has taken out a Club Connect membership, which comes in at as little as £30.

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